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Ethics & Sustainability


At The Woman Everyday we carefully select cruelty-free, vegan and ethically made products from various brands. 

Most of our partners are PETA approved vegan brands, and to the best of our knowledge, none of our products contain animal derived materials.

Ethical sourcing and production of the items we sell are also a top priority for us. We strongly believe that fashion and beauty should not cost lives, nor should they cause suffering to any living being, including our fellow humans. 

We collaborate with brands that create their products under ethical circumstances and pay fair wages to their workers. 

You can find quite a few artisan made and handcrafted, unique products at our store. 

In most cases your purchase will support artisans, designers and small businesses with a cause. 



Being environmentally conscious is also increasingly on our radar. 

We always favor products that are made using either environmentally friendly materials or reclaimed and up-cycled fabrics, or both. 

By curating high quality products, we also promote sustainable living, providing long lasting accessories to our conscious customers.