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The Woman Everyday is a multi-brand online boutique, offering a unique selection of quality, stylish, and ethically made vegan handbags and other accessories for modern women.

Our mission is to empower women to make conscious fashion choices everyday, to put their money where their values lie.

At TWE we partner with brands that are cruelty-free and have high ethical standards. 

Most of our partners also qualify as environmentally-friendly and sustainable. 

All of our products are ethically made under fair conditions - no humans or animals were exploited in the process. 

We believe that fashion is about creative self-expression and celebrating life. 




This is Olivia, founder of The Woman Everyday.

I used to think that leather was something prestigious, a high quality, durable material. 

Little did I know it came with a huge price tag, but not in pounds or euros - in lives. The truth is leather used to be the skin of a living animal.

Eventually, I made the connection, and I was infuriated to learn about the cruelty involved in the leather and fashion industries. 

Because let’s be honest, leather is not the only animal byproduct used in fashion. Take wool, silk or down for instance. Sheep, silk worms and geese suffer tremendously and may die through the process of being used for clothing or pillow stuffing. 

And of course there is fur, which by now more and more people have realized is the byproduct of beautiful animals skinned alive. 

Apart from the animals, humans and the environment also suffer the consequences of these destructive industries. Chemicals used in leather tanneries, for example, are extremely hazardous to human health and pollute our soil and water. 

Knowing the truth can be frightening and disorienting at first - but it is worth it. This is how we can make positive changes in the world. Through conscious choices, by knowing where our clothes and accessories come from. 

Because where is the beauty in destroying lives in order to have luxury and style? 

Fashion to me is about celebrating life and self-expression. 

So let’s focus on that! 

The good news is that nowadays there are more and more conscious companies, brands and manufacturers who care about the planet, people and animals. They produce high quality, durable materials in a fair and cruelty-free manner. 

By opening The Woman Everyday multi-brand vegan boutique, my mission is to provide a platform for conscious consumers who value style and ethics. 

To start with you’ll be able to find beautiful handbags, backpacks, clutches, jewellery and a few other accessories - all vegan and ethically made. 

No animals and humans were harmed or exploited in the manufacturing process. 

We have a unique selection of high quality and innovative designs, often using up-cycled and environmentally friendly materials - aiming to bring the best to modern women.

For any questions or inquiries please send an email to