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Pinks and Reds - Express your inner Valentine!

Posted by Olivia Bella on

Did you know that Valentine’s day used to be a bloody and dark event, originating from the Romans?

Goat and dog sacrifice, hitting women… wow, really not what we stand for here at The Woman Everyday. Yikes.

But, it’s interesting to look back!

Good news is that today Valentine’s Day is not anymore about animal sacrifice and disrespecting women.

In my honest opinion, you make this day, what you want it to be!

So why not celebrate love and everything associated with it?  

Have some fun, be playful like a child. Kiss someone, tell someone you love them. Be kind to yourself, your fellow humans, and be kind to animals.

Another association we tend to have with Valentine’s day are the colors of love - all shades of pinks and reds!

And oh dear, aren’t we in love with those colors!!?

Luckily at TWE we have plenty of handbags and accessories in those shades for you to express your inner Valentine. :)

Pink collection. 

Red collection. 

If you happen to go to a party or a dating event, a white lace dress could be a wonderful option and would totally make your red handbag pop! Don’t forget that cruelty-free red lipstick and nail polish either. ;)


Valentine's Day Fashion Inspiration. Red Vegan Tote.


We also have smaller crossbody bags, handbags and clutches that put you in great mood and help you express those loving vibes!


Valentine's Day Vegan Fashion Inspiration. Crossbody Bags, Handbags and Clutches


In case pinks and reds are not your thing, don’t despair, we have a variety of colors available at the boutique.

And now, all the way through the 14th February, you can get 11% off on any of our products!

All you have to do is use the code TWEVALENTINE at check out.

Happy shopping, beautiful!

P.s. Stay tuned for our feature series, where we introduce awesome vegan business women and conscious fashion influencers. Get ready for interviews full of wisdom, fashion tips and boss lady empowerment!

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