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Living naturally made easy - interview with Johanna from Hannicoco

Posted by Olivia Bella on

Conscious, kind and with a mission!

Meet Johanna, vegan beauty blogger and natural living advocate from Germany.

She is a 22 year old student and blogger based in Mainz, Germany. Her favourite time of the year is summer, that’s why one day she would love to escape the city life and live in a house near the beach!

She always tries to make the most of everything and is truly dedicated to natural health and living. Happiness, peace of mind and sustainability are on top of Johanna’s list. This girl surely knows how to live a beautiful eco-friendly life!

You can find her at:

Johanna Hannicoco

And now let’s get to our Q&A where you can learn about her favorite brands and more!

What was your number 1 reason for going vegan?

My parents home, surrounded by forests and agriculture in a small village, shaped my perception of the beauty of nature. Growing up with horses, cats and cows as family members next to me every day made me sensitive.

It took years, many documentaries and even more discussions for me to become a complete vegan.

How does being vegan /plant based reflect in other areas of your life, such as fashion and beauty?

Learning to respect, and far more important, to CARE for our planet, nature and people, led me to reconsider my everyday decisions. It’s not about wearing a ‘vegan’ labelled bag or shirt but to make decisions FOR and not against this planet, such as saying ‚no’ to plastic bags.


How is the vegan and natural beauty scene in Germany at the moment?

The last years, veganism, as well as health and sustainability, had a rush. Like any other trend, people liked the idea but they did not devote themselves to the topic enough yet to have further impact.

Although veganism may help nature and health, I am not that content with big fashion companies or supermarkets selling vegan labelled products that are produced under inhumane conditions (non organic, Fairtrade palm oil, working conditions in the textile industry, etc.)



What are your favorite European vegan fashion and beauty brands?

By now there are so many hard working companies even in Germany and more are popping out everyday. I would totally recommend the skincare brand ‘lovelyday botanicals’, handmade in Berlin with lots of passion. For make up: NUI cosmetics as well as  the HIRO brand do wonders.



What is your number 1 tip for healthy skin?

Hydrate from the inside, with plenty of water, healthy fats in your diet and maybe a little less unhealthy stuff like sugar and alcohol. Also add natural oils to your skin. Don’t forget: Smile at least once every day! :)


Would you share your Favorite Hair Care tips?

Nourish your body (works well for your skin too), try to find a natural shampoo that really works for you, trust the progress and simply treat your hair well.



What is your vision/next big step in your business?

My vision is to show people how easy and normal it can be to lead a natural lifestyle, that it is something anyone from anywhere is able to integrate into their daily routine.

What do you do apart from blogging?

I am currently studying economics. Besides I am constantly working on my personal improvement, e.g with meditation.

Words you live by?

Happiness is a choice. Sometimes hard work is required but always know that it is serving you and chosen by you.  


Thank you for reading! If you found this post valuable, please feel free to share it with others. :) 


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