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How to Rock the Urban Boho Look

Posted by Olivia Bella on

The bohemian chic look has been overtaking the world of fashion, and it is indeed a very charming style that really is close to the free spirited women’s heart.

However in a busy day-today life and city dwelling, the urban girl might not be able to dress like that all the time.

Especially in colder weather - those floaty dresses are probably not the most appropriate. They look great on your laptop screen, but we both know that you would be freezing your a** off in them.

Can you relate to this issue?


No reason to despair though! There are plenty of other ways to bring that bohemian vibe into your wardrobe without going full “summer gypsy”.


Just like on the picture, you can see that we matched a very basic pair of jeans and a simple black sweater with a more sophisticated and boho looking necklace and bag.

The color combination is also one of strength and determination. The winding pattern of the embroidery on the handbag and the artistic design of the glass bead necklace lend that feminine touch to the otherwise basic but very fashionable outfit.


This is how you rock the urban boho look, my dears!


Take your basics and style them with beautiful handcrafted accessories.


To top this look, remember to put on a matching red lipstick. ;)


Products available for purchase:


Red and Black Mini Weekender Bag: 

A unique and luxurious design, handcrafted by local artisans in Indonesia.


Ruby Gold Glass Bead Necklace:

A unique designer jewelry piece handcrafted in Hungary.

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