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Crochet Handbags & Pouches

Posted by Olivia Bella on


And a bit about the story behind it all...

Crocheting is something that runs in my family.. and oops so far I haven't learned how to do it. I am however a true admirer of this delicate craft. So much so, that I decided to bring some of the items into my boutique - this way you girls have access to them too. 

They are all unique and one of a kind products, handmade by my own very talented mother. It can take anywhere between 5 an 20 hours to make one item. 

Most of them are really multifunctional and can be used to store many of your essentials.

And when I say it runs in my family, I mean my grandmother was making crochet decorations and accessories in her entire life, a really meticulous work if you ask me.

She was absolutely in love with the colors! I think I inherited that from her, because I am a real color junkie. :) 

Because of her love for crochet and colorful yarns, she accumulated many boxes of these yarns and threads. She is not among us anymore, but her lively spirit lives on in the yarns she left to us as her legacy. 

That is why my mother and I decided to create something beautiful from the yarns she left behind, a blend of the past and the present. 

Hope you enjoy them and use them with pride! 

Check them out in the video, so you can see them in motion as well. 


To see them at the store, go here.

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