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If you are looking for stylish, quality and cruelty-free fashion accessories, this is your place.

You want to save the animals and the planet without sacrificing your style? 

Check out our newest bags and accessories, made from cruelty-free manmade materials.

No animals or humans were harmed in the process.  





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Meet Meeri - Finnish Actress and Vegan Fashion Advocate

Meeri is a 23 year-old aspiring actress from Finland who has a huge passion for ethical fashion and vegan lifestyle. 
Expressing herself through clothing on and off stage comes naturally and she tries to help others to find their own style along the way. 
You can find her at:
" If you are having trouble styling yourself the easiest way to start is to pick ONE item. Just one. Define that one thing you definitely want to wear and start from there. Usually crisis comes from the illusion that there are too many options therefore it’s hard to start dressing yourself with the mindset of ”having nothing to wear”. "

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